Handball World Cup 2019

Join us at Shopping Center Puerto Rico and enjoy the best International Handball atmosphere shown live with original commentaries.

Handball World Cup will take place from 10th to the 27th of January 2019.

Here are the details for the preliminary round :

Thursday 10th K.O. 19:15
Chile vs Denmark

Friday 11th K.O. 19:30
Tunisia vs Norway

Friday 11th K.O. 19:30
Egypten vs Sweden

Saturday 12th K.O. 16:30
Norway vs Saudi Arabia

Saturday 12th K.O. 19:15
Denmark vs Tunisia

Sunday 13thk.O. 19:30
Sweden vs Argentina

Monday 14th K.O. 16:30
Norway vs Austria

Monday 14th K.O. 19:15
Denmark vs Saudi Arabia

Monday 14th K.O. 19:30
Sweden vs Angola

Tuesday 15th K.O. 17:30
Norway vs Chile

Tuesday 15th K.O. 19:45
Austria vs Denmark

Wednesday 16th K.O. 19:30
Qatar vs Sweden

Thursday 17th K.O. 19:15
Denmark vs Norway

Thursday 17th K.O. 19:30
Sweden vs Hungary



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