The best football LIVE

It's here again ... 

The World Cup 

Get ready!

The excitement is about to begin, featuring 32 qualified national teams ... live straight from Russia you will be able to join us down here at Shopping Center  Puerto Rico to support your countries team. 

Big screens, sunny terraces, a great atmosphere, a refreshing jar of your favorite beverage and  surrounded by classy restaurants to sneek of to when the time is right.... 

What more could you ask for!

Look forward to seeing you here.

Here a full schedule of the matches :



Tuesday 10th July
@19:00  France vs Belgium

Wednesday 11th July
@19:00  England vs Croatia

3rd play-off

Saturday 14th July
@15:00  Loser match 61 vs Loser match 62


Sunday 15th July @16:00


Look forward to seeing you here.

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