Welcome to Shopping Center Puerto Rico’s oficial website, here you will find a whole new world, rich in useful information and a very descriptive guide to what you can find within the center to help you in the best way possible to enjoy your holiday.

Shopping Center Puerto Rico is open air and offers a wide variety of mixed individual businesses from clothes shops, souvenirs, leather goods, restaurants, bars, clubs and much more. Shopping Centre Puerto Rico is very important to Puerto Rico as it is the life and soul of the town and where it is all happens. 

This website if full of exciting and useful information divided into four categories Nightlife, Shopping, Gastronomy and Others. It has never been as easy as now to travel to a foreign country and know what it has to offer and exactly where to find it before even getting there. Take a look for yourself, enjoy this virtual experience; it’s the missing piece to a perfect vacation. 

The website scPuertoRico.com is part of an overall marketing project which includes an application for the shopping center Puerto Rico, “scPuertoRico App” which you can download FREE in Google Play or App Store, and at hand navigate throughout all of the local businesses. Not only is the application full of useful information but also it’s an amazing way to take advantage of all of the latest offers and hot deals.

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